5 Tips On How To Clean Your Baby’s Mattress

5 Tips On How To Clean Your Baby’s Mattress

Just buying a good crib mattress is not enough to ensure your baby’s safety and comfort. You need to clean your baby’s mattress regularly and ensure that it doesn’t cause any allergies or reactions to your baby too. You need to ensure that you remove all the bacteria and germs which might latch on to the crib mattress making it unhealthy for your little one to sleep on.


So to ensure a thorough cleaning of your crib mattress, we have compiled a list of tips which you could benefit from the next time you decide to clean the mattress.

  1. Remove the mattress and check the label

The first and foremost step to perform while cleaning your baby’s mattress is to remove the mattress coverings from the mattress and put them away for cleaning. Once your mattress is devoid of any additional coverings, time to check the label and determine whether it is okay to use hot/cold water for cleaning the mattress.

The label will help you in deciding which detergent you can use and will help you in avoiding any type of blunder.

  1. Vacuum it

Always make sure that you vacuum your mattress before starting any cleaning procedure. Vacuum all the dust particles with the help of vacuum attachments and make sure that you perform this on all the sides of the mattress. This will make your future cleaning process a whole lot easier and simpler.

  1. Scrubbing

Scrub your mattress thoroughly on all the sides with a gentle cleaning detergent and avoid over-saturating it as it will become much more difficult to dry it later on.

Check for any signs of stains and treat them with a lemon juice solution. Make sure you have scrubbed the mattress properly on all sides and haven’t left any side unrubbed. Once you are done with one side, you can flip the mattress to its other side by laying down some towels on the floor to ensure that the already scrubbed side doesn’t get dirty again.

  1. Spritz it

Once you are done with scrubing of a mattress side, spritz the side with a fabric refresher such as Lysol Disinfectant Spray. This will ensure that while the mattress is damp, no mold or bacteria get a chance to latch onto it until it is dried up completely. This also helps in removing any unwanted odors leaving the mattress sanitary and better smelling.

  1. Dry up the mattress

Once you have cleaned up your mattress thoroughly and spritzed it with a disinfectant, time to dry it up in the sun. First make sure that you use dry towels to soak up any excess fluids which the mattress might possess and once you are done with that, let the mattress air-dry in the sun. It is found that the sunshine and lemon works as a natural bleaching agent and can remove all the stains with considerable ease.

If there is no sunshine, keep the mattress in a cool dry place where it gets a good airflow. Once the mattress is completely dried, sprinkle some baking soda on the mattress to remove any lingering odors on the mattress.

Make sure that the mattress is not damp and completely dried before placing it back in the crib as this negligence could cause mold and bacteria to form on the mattress making it unhealthy for your baby to sleep on.…


5 Things to look for when buying a Charcoal Smoker

5 Things to look for when buying a Charcoal Smoker

So you have decided to get a charcoal smoker for yourself? But do you know what you are looking for? Do you need a big smoker or a small smoker? How much is your budget? Is it for indoor cooking or outdoor cooking? Haven’t thought through these questions, have you?


Well, not to worry we will give you a list of things which you need to pay attention to while buying a charcoal smoker.


Needless to say, this is one of the crucial points while buying a smoker. You will find smokers of all prices. Decide what will be your budget for this and then look at the models which lie in this range. Don’t go for smokers which are fancier and out of your budget. Pellet Smokers are generally cheaper than the traditional smokers so that’s another option you might be interested in.

You don’t want a smoker which has unnecessary features which you will never use and costs a lot, so don’t waste your time on it. Define what do you need in a smoker and if you find any smoker with those features in your range, check them out. If they seem good to you, go ahead and buy it. Make sure you don’t buy any random smoker. Choose the ones which will add value to your money.

Remember at the end you have to pay for it, so choose wisely.

How big or small

As I have said before, your needs define what you should look for in a smoker. If you are buying a smoker for just family use, then most charcoal smokers have enough surface area to cook food for a whole family in one go. Don’t buy a huge smoker and spend unnecessary money if you aren’t going to use that much space to cook.

Now, if you are sure you will need that space to cook while hosting parties and celebrations, then make sure you check the size and get the one which would make it easier for you to cook for a large gathering. So make sure you check the sizes of the smokers and then decide according to your needs that which one is the best for you.

Resourceful or not

Do you want a smoker or a grill or both? Make sure you know what it is that you want. If it is just a smoker that you want, look through the models which are just smokers. These would cost you less too. But if you decide that you want both smoker and griller, then go for the models which give you just that.

There are a lot of such models who provide the best of both worlds, all you have to do is look carefully at their design. Such models will cost more because it takes a great design to make a smoker and a griller in one. Don’t go for cheap models as they won’t be good enough as both smoker and griller and end up in disappointing you.

Easy Cleaning

Charcoal smokers prove a little harder to clean because of all the ashes and debris left behind. Not only that the meat gets stuck on the smoker and drips down and it generally makes a mess of cleaning. So make sure that when you are looking for a smoker, you check what the cleaning process is for this smoker. Is it easy or too complicated?

Some smokers have amazing cleaning capabilities which save you a lot of time and effort. So decide if you have time to clean the whole smoker yourself or would you like something easier.

Checking your food without losing heat

An important feature of your smoker would be to help you in deciphering whether you need to adjust the smoke or not by not opening the lid and letting the heat escape. Some smokers come with instant thermometers to check whether the temperature is adequate for your food or not and you don’t even need to remove the lip from it.

Choose such smokers which help you in keeping the perfect environment and not let you touch your food at all. You can add charcoal, wood, etc. without disturbing your food. So, check all these features before choosing a smoker for yourself.…

Must Have Kitchen Tools

5 Professional Kitchen Gadgets No Home Chef Should Be Without


Do you have a passion for cooking?

If yes, probably you have a very well-equipped kitchen with all proper utensils and accessories to use. However, with proper equipments one can easily do things properly but the real skill can be only tested if you can do things without having anything at your disposal.


Well, there are indeed some serious chefs who love to get the easy way out and curate a beautiful and unique way of cooking. Well, if you are willing to cook food then here are 5 Professional Kitchen Gadgets No Home Chef should be without!

Temperature Gauges

Temperature gauges are unique and they come up with a lot of specialized features. Well, they are simply called as thermometers and are specialized for ensuring that the food is cooked to perfection every time. Each of the type of food has been prescribed with a specific temperature when they are already cooked.


Most of the time, it might be golden brown from the outside but you will never know if the inside is ready and is tender. Well, the colour of the cooked food will also make out whether the food is cooked or not.

Standing Mixer

Having a standing mixer or any type of mixer and grinder is basically like having an extra pair of hands. Well, you are free to add any additional ingredients for mixing them without using your own hand just with the help of a mixer.


The mixer mixes it perfectly and allows you to save up a lot of time. Always try to seek for mixers which come up with additional features of grinding as well as blending. Using a multi functioning tool will always help you a lot.

Dual Fuel Oven

One of the best things that you could have opted for is the Dual Fuel Oven. Well, a having a dual oven is certainly advantageous and there are a lot of things which helps the people to have dual outlets and cook two different recipes at the same time.


You can also control the speed of the fuel as well as the gas amount at the same time while baking the food or even cooking them.

Knife Sharpener

Having small but effective utensils like knife sharpener is very much beautiful and also quite effective in chopping and grinding spices and other vegetables also.

Well, a dull knife is the most dangerous instrument in the kitchen because they can slip off at any time and has a possibility to cut your fingers. This is the reason why it is quite important for the It is always beneficial when the knives stay sharp and are ready to use.

Indoor Grill

Grilling is probably one of the best things that people do use. Well, unlike the frying machines, the grilling machine has some unique features are better to use.


Though there are many more gadgets that a perfect kitchen must have, these 5 gadgets are really the most important tools for you to have.…